After a long wait, I was able to make it out to the Headlands International Dark Sky Park, one of only 15 recognized dark sky parks in the United States (19 worldwide). The Headlands is located in Emmet county on the western side of the tip of Michigan’s mitten, directly across from Mackinac City. Knowing that I really wanted to get out and capture the night sky, my wife planned an amazing trip to visit Mackinac Island, then make our way down the West side of the state over the next week to see the beauty, and taste the beers that Michigan has to offer.

After waiting anxiously all day, the sun finally set and the fun began. We hopped in the car, checked our route, and set out. After a short drive we arrived at our destination, and made out way into the park. Once you start to get close, you realize the darkness that you are in for. With the exception of a few lights from cars moving in and out of the park, there is no light, anywhere, and that is exactly what you want. There were a few clouds, but nothing that stopped the Milky Way from showing her beautiful face.

Whether you are a photographer, a star watcher, or just want to enjoy a night under the stars, I highly recommend this free attraction that our great state has to offer.